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 Lewis McGugan

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PostSubject: Lewis McGugan   Lewis McGugan EmptyFri 10 Aug - 8:45

Got this off LTLF forum and doesn't surprise me IF true:

Now I feel the time to put this...

I work nights in a hotel in Nottingham and towards the end of last season (was the day we beat Palace away, Raddy hat trick) at around 3AM a group of girls, who I knew were staying here arrived back with a few lads and came straight through the doors and into the lift. One however, looked very sheepish and covered his face with a scarf. I knew straight away who it was and said so to my colleague.

Around 45 minutes later the lift came down to the lobby and outstepped Lewis McGugan, came to the desk and asked me to order a taxi to _ _ _ _ _ (obviously his address) He was with another guy, not a Forest player, the were just having a bit of banter in the lobby. My colleague who is an older fellow and a big Forest fan started to talk to him about the game and Raddy's hat trick and asked him why he wasn't playing and Lewis just said "cos I wasn't". Then the lift came down and it was one of the girls and she was stood in the lift doorway shouting at Lewis "Where you going?? You gonna call me?? We meeting up tomorrow??" Bla bla etc etc. They exchanged a few words, taxi arrived and he said "Cheers big man" to me, shook my hand and left.

Afterwards the girl was outside having a cigarette and I got talking to her. She alluded to telling me that she has been seeing him for a bit, since before Christmas actually and had been out a few times with him and Chambers and his bird (Lewis and Luke are best mates) She was saying that he doesn't seem as interested any more and just wants to focus on his football but he's a bit of a "Billy big ********" (her words) and that he loves the attention he gets while he's out in town and it got on her nerves a bit as they're an item. The most interesting thing she said was that Cotterill had told him that he has to lose weight and had actually placed him on a diet plan and Lewis just wasn't happy with it.

Bit long winded that, sorry people!

Just wanted to get it across that the attitude his obviously apparent and his weight has been an issue. We're all hoping he can finally put this behind him and have a season like 2010-2011 again. But how many times have we said that?


He is a bit of a cock, e
specially when drunk

Many managers have now put their faith in Googy, and mostly he has disappointed. We must now hope that Disco can do what the rest have failed to do, unlock that great potential and get this lad to the top.
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PostSubject: Re: Lewis McGugan   Lewis McGugan EmptyFri 10 Aug - 9:05

I am wholly confident that he is in no doubt unique in all of these qualities, however. The philosophies of the likes of Paulo Di Canio, for example, are still few and far between with English footballers, in my opinion.
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Red Elvis
Red Elvis

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PostSubject: Re: Lewis McGugan   Lewis McGugan EmptyFri 10 Aug - 10:26

Forgive Sad

Its great managers that get the best out of great players, even moreso in this day and age.

Come on SOD, flair players need a little more attention, don't beat the football out, though or averageness will be achieved, and if you want that, might as well get rid and put football robots in.

I wonder if Reid was on same diet lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Lewis McGugan   Lewis McGugan Empty

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Lewis McGugan
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