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 Have we signed Danny Collins?

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Have we signed Danny Collins? - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Have we signed Danny Collins?   Have we signed Danny Collins? - Page 2 EmptyThu 30 Aug - 11:06

Chambers let himself down, I know he's young and it was a crazy decision to give him the Captaincy, but he went off the rails.

I've never seen an ego and attitude inflate so much in such a short space of time, yes, the fans voted him player of the season (I didn't vote for him), but if only someone had of sat him down and told him why he was so appreciated by the fans that season, it was because he did the absolute basics well ie: putting the ball in row Z, he was well supported by Lynch & Gunter who often masked mistakes by him, but he added a few goals at crucial times and he was a hero in the fans eyes.

But when he started with McClown he was absolutely convinced in his own deluded mind that he was Beckenbaur, trying to control the ball in his own penalty area, trying audicious passes in dangerous areas, not putting as much physical effort in as usual because his own deluded belief thought his new found "ability" would see him through.

It's a real shame that his head was turned and he had visions of grandeur because he's not a bad lad, but when he berated the supporters for booing at half time for the crap that was dished up against Coventry (I didn't), that was the last straw, he'd driven a massive wedge between himself and the fans and he had to go.
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Red Elvis
Red Elvis

Have we signed Danny Collins? - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Have we signed Danny Collins?   Have we signed Danny Collins? - Page 2 EmptyThu 30 Aug - 11:22

You know I love ya! Very Happy

If we take Chambers career, from our real dark days of League one, then he like many others is a success.

I don't like the focus and blame on one man Nollox, like MA like LC.

My point I think is Collins shows the Captaincy grit, and better defensive prowess, and so he should where he has played and what he has had to endure in opposition.

So for Collins to at Chambers level be a success he will need to lead us to Champions League positions, I doubt very much he will, but really hope so Very Happy

I have a worry, and its buying players, the ones that have rocked my boat are Guedioura, Lansbury and a tad Cox, the rest are possibly stop gaps, we'll see if they have commitment in crisis, put on the shirt with pride and take us forward like Tyson Chambers Lynch McGugan did!

Exciting times, the footballers we have will make Collins Ayala Harding and Halford be OK, but on Premiership we will need better, however IMO the footballers could go on again?

YOU REDS! I love you
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Have we signed Danny Collins?
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